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It's been a while since I've visited DA! My last journal entry was Apr 6, 2003, almost a year ago. Shame on me! But I was looking for a springtime wallpaper today and thought I'd look on DA. And of course, now that I'm here I wonder why I left. I think it has something to with the fact that my ex-boyfriend introduced me to DA, and it's been quite a while since I even wanted to think about him. Plus it sorta became a daily ritual to check DA, be sad that I have no messages, and then feel very under-skilled (and therefore depressed) after viewing some of the wonderful artwork here. I do consider myself an artist at heart, I just don't practice it very much. But now I'm back and realize I've missed having artistic inspiration on a regular basis. I may be turning out some new stuff soon (although not now, because I'm tired! :) )
A short note on what I've been up to lately.. Well in a nutshell, I've been looking for my soulmate. Sounds a bit daunting, I know. But I have this really strong urge to find my "other half", so to speak. It'll probably end up that he was here on DA all this time and I could've met him loooong ago if I hadn't been such a deserter. Well if that's the case, I hope we find each other now.
Anyways, I guess that's it for now. Bye!!
I got my wisdom teeth out on Wednesday.. all 4 of them. It's now early Sunday morning and my mouth is still hurting like hell. I need something really heavy-duty, like morphine or something. I've never given birth, but I'm pretty sure this pain ranks right up there. Nine more minutes until I can have some more pills...  :pills:

OW! OW! OW! OW! OW! :(
WOOOHOOOO!!!! Or maybe more appropriately..... W00T!!! :w00t!: I have now passed my 1K and thanks to cyraxeon I have a screenshot to remember it always!! If you too would like to view it and get a warm, fuzzy feeling inside, go here… Or you can always scroll down and see it in my favorites. Probably everyone will want to see it. Probably it will even become a daily deviation!! hehe.... I'm stupid :D

Anyways, a BIG thanks to cyraxeon!!!!! :love: Muaaaah!! :blowkiss:
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In case you hadn't noticed, I'm only about 15 pageviews from my 1K. YAY!! How exciting that will be! But I'm afraid, being the holiday season and I haven't been online as much as usual, that I'll miss it. Ok, it's a little ambitious thinking I might get 15 pageviews in the next 3 days. It could happen! So what I'm asking is, if anybody happens to catch my 1K, could you commemorate it for me with a screenshot? There's no "prize" in it for you, except the joy of knowing you saved my 1K. But it would be very nice if somebody could... :D

Who am I kidding?? It'll be 2 weeks from now when my 1K finally rolls around and I'll be sitting here refreshing, hoping to catch it myself. I'm a loser, baby......... (yeah, I never did much care for the "so why don't you kill me" part of the song) :nod: Anyways........

:holly:Merry Christmas!!! Happy Holidays!!!:holly:
:snowflake:     :xmas:     :snowflake:     :santa:     :snowflake:     :rudolph:     :snowflake:
It's my birthday today!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! I'm 24 now.. kinda old...

Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday to me,
Happy birthday, dear Holly,
Happy birthday to me!!!!

Feliz cumpleaños!!! (in spanish)
Grattis på födelsedagen!! (in swedish)
Uhhh, that's all the languages I know! :)

:airborne:          :cake:          :sing:          :juggle:          :clap:
(having a little party for myself! everyone's invited!!)

I think I've celebrated enough for now :nod:
Thanks to everyone who responded to my last journal and wrote me a little comment! I feel a lot less ignored now and best of all I don't have to see that assanine "In need of an idiot boyfriend?" message! :)
As it turns out, I am in need of a boyfriend.. not an idiot one though. A kind, romantic, loving one who is perfect for me in every way! That would be nice! I just wonder if he really exists somewhere in the world....
I need a man.. You know what I was thinking I miss?.. The feel of a guy's chest against my cheek through his t-shirt. That's rather specific, but probably I'm not the only person who likes that. It's the warmth of the body and the softness of the t-shirt.. and of course the happiness you feel from being so close to someone special :)
Ok, I'm gonna end this before I babble about my lack of love-life any more than I already have. Hope everyone's having a good weekend!! :D
Somebody write me a comment! I keep scrolling down and there's that same "In need of an idiot boyfriend?" message. That's depressing after a few days! Somebody just say Hi to me at least.... (bottom lip stuck out).. Please?..

I'll love you forever!! (a bit of an exaggeration perhaps) :)
Look!! I'm actually writing a journal!! Well how could I not? I won a contest here on deviantART :) That's right, I've actually won something. Hardly ever happens, I'll tell you. Well thanks to slickwilly5891 I've got a 3 month subscription now!! w00t!!! (I've always wanted an occasion to w00t :)) And all I had to do was submit a new deviation that gave him a warm and happy feeling inside. So I presented to him "Big Hugs"… :) And guess what? I WON!!! Hehe.. Ok, it's only 3 months but dammit I won something! I never win anything! Thanks a lot to slickwilly5891. He's so generous and he's made my day!! And as a special bonus, he actually inspired me to submit a deviation AND to write a journal. Two things that I can't even make myself do usually. Not easy! :)
THANK YOU!!!!!! :love:
In an effort to encourage my own creativity, I've signed up here on deviantart. It's been a long time since I really spent a lot of time drawing or messing with photoshop. I get in a mood where everything I do feels so tedious. I was looking through various deviations though and admiring how much talent everyone has, and honestly feeling a bit inadequate. I sure don't have much at all to show for my 23 years. But maybe I'll be inspired. Maybe I'll turn out some kinda masterpiece and become a world-famous artist and make just enough money to make all my dreams come true :) I can dream, right? :)